Best Halloween Safety Tips 2022

Orange pumpkin with a wooden sign reading "Trick or Treat" hung over its stem

Costumes, candy corn, and concern – Halloween is a great source of fun for kids and anxiety for parents. Whether it’s cold outside, the cars are driving too fast, or you can’t keep track of your family’s whereabouts, Life360 has you covered with tips for a safer Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

1. Keep track of your kid’s location while Trick-or-Treating

Child dressed as snow white holding father's hand while trick or treating on halloween

As toddlers grow to kids, grow to teens, their idea of Halloween begins to change from a fun night with Mom and Dad to a night out with friends. Instead of staying up all night wondering where your pre-teen or teen might be, register for a family tracking app, such as Life360, and stay in the know about where they are and when they will be home.

2. Avoid pedestrian accidents by practicing safe driving and walking

Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, it is important to stay vigilant while on the road during Halloween.

If you are a parent walking with your child, be sure to:

  • Stay on the sidewalk or the side of the road
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Always hold your child’s hand
  • Avoid distracted walking by putting your phone away
  • Wear reflective clothing to be more visible to drivers

If you are going to be driving on Halloween, be sure to:

  • Avoid residential areas, if possible
  • Drive especially slow in residential areas
  • Not drink and drive
  • Avoid distracted driving
  • Keep your eye out for children who may jump into the street
  • Turn your headlights on

If you are staying at home this Halloween, you can make sure your family is driving safe. With Life360’s driving safety features, you can track their speed and receive crash detection alerts. Stay safe on and off the road this year.

3. Stay warm and wear Halloween-safe costumes

Toddler playing in the leaves wearing a sweater and jeans

In some parts of the globe, Halloween can get cold – especially at night. Plan ahead by packing jackets or sweatshirts for when your kid (or you) inevitably gets the shivers.

You should dress your child in:

  • Warm clothes for cool weather
  • Comfortable, well-fit shoes for walking
  • Flame resistant costumes/clothing
  • Properly fitted hats/headpieces
  • Reflective costumes/clothing

You should avoid dressing your child in:

  • Costumes with sharp or dangerous accessories
  • Costume contact lenses
  • Inappropriate costumes in general

4. Teach your child or teen to never enter a home while trick or treating

Although it may seem to be common sense, a well-mannered child or teen may not be able to resist an insistent invitation from an adult. Be sure to remind your child that it is never okay to enter a stranger’s home, regardless of if it is Halloween or not. This also goes for cars, vans, and general invitations to new locations. Teaching your kid to say “no” can be one of the most effective ways to keep them and their friends safe.

5. Make sure your child knows how to call for help

If your child finds themselves in a dangerous situation, despite all your preparation, it is important that they know how to call for help – and how to do it fast. You can do this by teaching your child how to:

  • Dial 911 and how to talk to the operator
  • Identify safe adults (police, family, friends) to ask for help
  • Use Life360’s SOS feature

When your child uses Life360’s SOS feature, they don’t have to provide details of their location – an emergency dispatcher will automatically send first responders to them. If you worry your child will be unable to relay their location to a 911 dispatcher, Life360’s 24/7 SOS safety feature is the better alternative. Register online today.

6. Check your child’s candy

As long as Halloween has been celebrated, parents have insisted on checking their kids’ candy – and for good reason! Any open or unsealed wrapper is a risk. Be sure to thoroughly check your child’s candy when they get on from Trick-or-Treating. And don’t forget to sneak some of your favorite treats for yourself!

Let Life360 Keep Your Family Safe This Halloween

Life360 can help make Halloween fun again. Register for Life360 online today to keep your family safe and connected, no matter where they are celebrating, or for how long. Stay safe and have fun!

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