Best Practices for Using Life360 with Your Family

At Life360, our mission is to bring families closer — and we believe that the physical, emotional, and mental wellness of each family member is key to the happiness and safety of the whole family. This month we’re putting the spotlight on kids and the role they play in our homes and communities. 

Life360 is designed to give peace of mind and freedom to both parents and teens. To get the most out of your experience, keep having honest and transparent conversations on how Life360  will be used in your family, what the expectations for it are, and what the limits are for each family member.

Registered psychologist and Life360 Family Expert, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

How Life360 Can Enhance Parenting

We asked the Life360 Family Expert, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe — a registered psychologist and parenting educator — to share some best practices to help you and your family talk about and use Life360. We’ve compiled some best practices here:

Focus on Intent

  • Always be open and honest with your teens so they don’t ever come to the conclusion that you’re spying on them, but rather really see Location Sharing for what it is — a tool that encourages safety and connection.  
  • As a parent, you can use Location Sharing as a helpful tool to ensure the best for your family and start healthy conversations, rather than imposing consequences.

Set expectations

  • Think about the “opt-in/opt-out” and Bubbles feature that comes with using Life360. What are the expectations around when Location Sharing is turned on or off? Or when is it OK to use a Life360 Bubble?
  • If it’s okay to turn it off or use a Bubble, what is your family’s routine around that? Does there need to be a text to Mom or Dad? Does your teen need permission beforehand? What about for you as a parent? Will there ever be situations where you would turn off Location Sharing and how will your kids know to expect that? Discuss these types of questions and expectations early on to make sure each family member is on the same page.

Talk it out

  • Everyone want to feel heard and respected. Have open and honest conversations as a family about the benefits and the details surrounding Location Sharing. Some helpful thought starters include:
    • As a family, what reason(s) are we using Life360 for?
    • What are the expectations around when Location Sharing is turned on or off?
    • How often do we plan to use Life360 to check the other’s location? 
    • How will Location Sharing help us feel more connected as a family?

Use Best Practices When Using Life360 with Your Family

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