Campus Safety Tips: A Guide for College Students

College campus quad with students hanging out on a lawn

College is an exciting time of exploration for many students. The newfound freedom that comes from living on campus or simply being away from home can help teenagers grow and blossom into responsible young adults. However, with so many young people gathered together, crime and dangerous situations are often higher. 

Remaining safe on campus is a matter of staying alert and prepared. Knowing your surroundings and using location-sharing apps like Life360 are great ways to keep yourself safe in the day-to-day.

Before we look at the best ways to stay safe on campus, let’s look at several important campus crime and safety statistics. 

Campus Crime and Safety Statistics

Many students don’t consider the potential dangers of living in a dorm room or in off campus housing. The most recent U.S. Department of Education campus safety study found some startling statistics that all parents and students should be aware of.

Here is a look at some of the most common incidents of campus crime from the 2021 study:

  • 31,137 reported criminal offenses
  • 21,816 arrests made on campuses
  • 12,966 reported violent acts against women 
  • 1,626 reported hate crimes
  • 1,420 reported fires in on-campus student housing facilities resulting in 36 deaths

While the numbers above are concerning, it’s possible to avoid campus crime with proper safety measures.

5 Tips for Staying Safe on College Campuses

Staying safe on campus can often be a matter of remaining alert and taking the appropriate precautions when necessary. Here are five tips to help you remain safe on campus this year.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Campus

Reviewing your campus is a great way to ensure you don’t get lost when searching for a building or class. It’s also helpful to know the location of the safety and security offices if you ever need to make a report about a situation or person. 

2. Avoid Walking Alone at Night

Avoiding walking through the campus at night might not always be possible, especially if you go home from a party, on weekends or work a job at night. If you find yourself in situations where you need to walk from your car to the dorm rooms or somewhere else on campus, you can use an app like Life360 to share your location with friends, and protect yourself with SOS alerts.

3. Speak with Your Safety Department about Escort Services

Many universities and colleges offer escort services around campus for students. This service can be a great option if you feel uncomfortable walking around the campus grounds early in the morning or late at night. Let the security office know you would like an escort, and the officers will send someone to walk with you. 

4. Keep Social Media Private

In today’s day and age, social media is rampant around college campuses. While spending time on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or TikTock isn’t bad, it could provide personal information that someone could use to track you down. One simple way to keep using your favorite platforms and remain safe is to ensure your posts and location are only available to friends. 

5. Use Caution Getting in and Out of Vehicles

Many incidents of burglary and assault on college campuses happen in the parking lot. Criminals know you’ll be occupied with getting bags from the vehicle and won’t pay too much attention to your surroundings. It’s essential to keep your car doors locked until you’ve had an opportunity to look around other vehicles and scan for potential dangers.  

How College Students Can Use Life360 to Stay Safe on Campus

College offers a wealth of experiences for students, but it’s important to keep safety in mind regardless of where you’re on campus. Technology like Life360 makes it easy to remain connected with friends and has the ability to share locations or set up bubble alerts

Sharing this information with your inner circle will allow everyone to see that you’ve safely made it to your dorm or class. The app also enables users to message each other if there seems to be a problem or an unexpected stop. 

Register for the Life360 app online today and see how it can help improve your college experience. 

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