Does Life360 Work Without WiFi Connection?

Person holding a piece of paper with the WiFi symbol in the wilderness

For many families, location-sharing devices allow everyone to stay connected when away from home. They help provide peace of mind for parents and offer a way for kids to explore their independence. 

Luckily, Life360 can function on either data or WiFI, providing additional flexibility for users. 

The following sections will explore the capabilities of location-sharing services like Life360 and how the removal of WiFi connectivity impacts them. 

Do Location Services Work Without WiFi?

Since location services typically rely on GPS to function properly, some will still work without WiFi. However, it’s important to identify which app features stop working when a WiFi connection is lost. Most solutions will only be able to provide location information and not much more.

This limited capacity can cause issues, especially for teenagers who rely on the location-sharing solution to communicate their location with their parents. It’s always a good idea to text your family if you know you’ll be in an area without an internet connection. 

Will Life360 Work Without WiFi?

Life360 was designed with flexible functionality to allow it to work without WiFi. Instead, the app relies on GPS technology and data connection to operate properly. However, if you don’t have access to data or WiFi, you’ll notice the services offered in the Life360 app are limited. 

For example, the built-in messaging system is one of the features that doesn’t operate well when WiFi is interrupted or terminated altogether. Once you restore the app’s connection, you’ll receive messages again. 

Life360 Features That Work Without WiFi

Even for Life360, not having a reliable connection can potentially pose some problems with a few of the system’s features. However, the most important part of the platform, location sharing, still works since the app relies on the phone’s GPS capabilities to provide the location.

It’s important to note although you’ll have location tracking capabilities, there could be delays in location updates until you find a stable internet connection. There is also the possibility that the information will only provide location points from the last time cellular reception was available. 

Life360 — a Reliable Way to Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Location-sharing apps are an excellent way to stay connected with loved ones while traveling or throughout everyday life. However, it can be frustrating and difficult to open the platform to check on your kids, only to notice most of the app’s features aren’t working correctly due to internet connection issues. 

With Life360, WiFi isn’t required as long as you can access data. The location services of the app work on either type of connection and allow you to continue monitoring your kids and family wherever you go. 

Try Life360 today and stay connected with your family when it matters most.

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